Randy D. Gananathan – The First DIALux Trainer in North America

DIALux Evo – The FREE and complete lighting application software is now open in America and Canada. Developed by planners for professional lighting designers, cialis DIALux Evo offers Lighting Designers the complete set of tools to create a virtual demonstration of lighting effects before a building space is constructed and helps to plan and customize the desired lighting effects. DIALux Evo is a powerful tool for planning and visualization of lighting effects in new or existing buildings and exterior spaces.

Randy brings global lighting expertise to help create your virtual lighting demonstration and document the results in breathtaking photorealistic visualizations. Using your CAD data, recipe Randy is available to assist you to develop your lighting design or train you to use DIALux Evo.

Email: randy@dialux.ca

Phone:  +1 561 623 9191 (USA) or +1 416 922 3400 (Canada)

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